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Yen-Chi Chen

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'''Yen-Chi Chen''',<br/>
a Taiwanese computer scientist affiliated with the [ [National Taiwan Normal University]].His research interests covers include [[Learning|machine learning]] and [[Games|computer games]], where he . He is author and co-author of [[Chinese Dark Chess]], [[Surakarta]], [[Outer-Open Gomoku]], [[Othello]] and [[Nonogram]] playing and solving programs, participating and winning at [[ICGA]] and [[TAAI]] tournaments.
=Selected Publications=
<ref>[ Yen-Chi Chen | National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei | NTNU | Department of Computer science & Information Engineering]</ref>
==2017 ...==
* [[Chih-Hung Chen]], [[Shun-Shii Lin]], [[Yen-Chi Chen]] ('''2017'''). ''[ An algorithmic design and implementation of outer-open gomoku]''. [ ICCCS 2017]
* [[Yen-Chi Chen]], [[Jia-Fong Yeh]], [[Shun-Shii Lin]] ('''2018'''). ''Design and implementation aspects of a Surakarta program''. [[CG 2018]], [[ICGA Journal#40_4|ICGA Journal, Vol. 40, No. 4]]
* [[Yen-Chi Chen]], [[Chih-Hung Chen]], [[Shun-Shii Lin]] ('''2018'''). ''[ Exact-Win Strategy for Overcoming AlphaZero]''. [ CIIS 2018]
* [[Yen-Chi Chen]], [[Shun-Shii Lin]] ('''2019'''). ''A fast nonogram solver that won the TAAI 2017 and ICGA 2018 tournaments''. [[ICGA Journal#41_1|ICGA Journal, Vol. 41, No. 1]]
==2020 ...==
* [[Yen-Chi Chen]], [[Shun-Shii Lin]] ('''2020'''). ''Requiem wins Nonogram tournament''. [[ICGA Journal#42_1|ICGA Journal, Vol. 42, No. 1]] » [[22nd Computer Olympiad]]
* [[Tristan Cazenave]], [[Yen-Chi Chen]], [[Guan-Wei Chen]], [[Shi-Yu Chen]], [[Xian-Dong Chiu]], [[Julien Dehos]], [[Maria Elsa]], [[Qucheng Gong]], [[Hengyuan Hu]], [[Vasil Khalidov]], [[Cheng-Ling Li]], [[Hsin-I Lin]], [[Yu-Jin Lin]], [[Xavier Martinet]], [[Vegard Mella]], [[Jeremy Rapin]], [[Baptiste Roziere]], [[Gabriel Synnaeve]], [[Fabien Teytaud]], [[Olivier Teytaud]], [[Shi-Cheng Ye]], [[Yi-Jun Ye]], [[Shi-Jim Yen]], [[Sergey Zagoruyko]] ('''2020'''). ''Polygames: Improved zero learning''. [[ICGA Journal#42_4|ICGA Journal, Vol. 42, No. 4]], [ arXiv:2001.09832]
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