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Knight Pattern

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[[FILE:EschersHorseman.jpg|border|right|thumb|232px|link=|[[Arts#:Category:M. C. Escher|M. C. Escher]], Horseman <ref>[ View facsimile print] from [ M.C. Escher - 16 Facsimile Prints]</ref> ]]
'''Knight Pattern'''
<span id="KnightAttacks"></span>
=Knight Attacks=
The [[Knight]] attacks the [[Target squareSquare|target squares]] independently from other pieces around. The compass rose of all eight attacking [[Direction|directions]] associated with the to - from square differences from an [[8x8 Board|8x8 board]]:
<span id="ByLookup"></span>
==by Lookup==
The knight is specified by square index, likely from a [[BitscanBitScan|bitscan]] of a piece-wise [[Bitboard Serialization|bitboard serialization]] of a knight bitboard from a [[Bitboard Board-Definition|standard board-definition]], to index a table of pre-calculated knight-attacks:
U64 arrKnightAttacks[64];
* [[Noam Elkies|Noam D. Elkies]], [[Mathematician#RPStanley|Richard P. Stanley]] ('''2003'''). ''The Mathematical Knight''. [ The Mathematical Intelligencer], Vol. 25, No. 1, [ pdf]
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=Forum Posts=
* [ Symbolic: From bitboards to ideas] by [[Steven Edwards]], [[CCC]], March 13, 2004 » [[Symbolic]]
* [ Problem with bitboard knight attack generator] by [[Matthew R. Brades|ZirconiumX]], [[CCC]], December 21, 2011
* [ Knight fork threats] by [[Stefan Geschwentner]], [[Computer Chess Forums|FishCooking]], November 17, 2014 » [[Knight Pattern#KnightForks|Knight Forks]], [[Stockfish]]
* [ knight's multiple atacks] by [[Daniel Anulliero]], [[CCC]], January 27, 2015
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