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Vasik Rajlich started developing Rybka in about 2003, and worked full-time on it since 2005. The appearance of the free ''Rybka 1 beta'' <ref>[ Rybka 1.0 beta release - need testers] by [[Vasik Rajlich]], [[CCC]], November 30, 2005</ref> <ref>[ Rybka Beta 1.0 -]</ref> and the first commercial version, ''Rybka 1'' <ref>[ Rybka 1.0 Announcement] by [[Vasik Rajlich]], [[CCC]], December 05, 2005</ref> end of 2005 was a sensation, and Rybka soon became the dominating program leading [[Engine Rating Lists|rating lists]] by a huge margin <ref>[ SSDF Rating List 2007-04-21] by [[Thoralf Karlsson]], [[CCC]], April 21, 2007</ref> <ref>[ CEGT Quad Versions 40/120 (AMD 3500+/4200+)]</ref> . ''Rybka 3'' was developed in collaboration with [[Larry Kaufman]], the most recent and strongest version ''Rybka 4'' and the parallel version ''Deep Rybka 4'' appeared in April 2010, market as standalone chess engine from <ref>[ Rybka - for the serious chess player - Purchase Rybka]</ref> , from [[ChessOK]] optional with the [[Aquarium]] [[GUI]] <ref>[ Rybka & Aquarium - ChessOK shop]</ref> , or from [[ChessBase]] packaged with the [[Fritz]] [[GUI]] <ref>[ Chess software - Rybka 4] from [[ChessBase]]</ref> . The demo version ''Rybka 2.3.2a'' can be downloaded for free <ref>[ Rybka - for the serious chess player - Download Rybka 2.3.2a]</ref> .
The appearance of the [[Ippolit]] [[:Category:Open Source|open source program]] by pseudonymous authors in May 2009, and Rajlich's claim it is a [[Clones:Category:Clone|clone]] of ''Rybka 3'' <ref>[ Official statement on [Deleted]?] by [[Vasik Rajlich]], [[Computer Chess Forums|Rybka Forum]], October 21, 2009</ref> without any substantiation and evidence, caused further discussions <ref>[ I'm in doubt if RobboLito is a clone] by [[Volker Pittlik]], [[CCC]], October 24, 2009</ref> .
==Open Letters==
In January 2011, [[Fabien Letouzey]] confirmed that Strelka, the allegedly clone of Rybka, was not a verbatim copy of the source code from Fruit, but a [[Bitboards|bitboard]] re-write of Fruit with some other ideas, and not just an extraction of a couple of ideas <ref>[ Fabien's open letter to the community] by [[Tord Romstad]], [[CCC]], January 23, 2011</ref> <ref>[ Fabien's open letter to the community] by [[Tord Romstad]], [[Computer Chess Forums|OpenChess Forum]], January 23, 2011</ref> <ref>[ The Chess Mind Blog - More Computer Chess Controversy]</ref> .
On February 19, 2011 [[ICGA]] president [[David Levy]] broached on [[:Category:Clone|cloning]] issues in a ''ChessVibes'' column <ref>[ Attack of the clones | ChessVibes] by [[David Levy]], February 19, 2011([ Wayback Machine])</ref> . In March 2011, following computer chess programmers signed an open letter to [[David Levy]], [[Jaap van den Herik]] and the board of the [[ICGA]], to support the claim Rybka 1.0 beta and subsequent versions were allegedly derivatives from [[Fabien Letouzey|Fabien Letouzey’s]] program [[Fruit|Fruit 2.1]]:
* [[Fabien Letouzey]]
* [[Zach Wegner]]
<span id="Disqualification"></span>
In June 2011, the [[ICGA]] has disqualified and banned Rybka and its programmer [[Vasik Rajlich]] from previous and future World Computer Chess Championships. The ICGA accuses Rajlich of plagiarizing two other programs, [[Crafty]] and [[Fruit]], and demands that he returns the trophies and prize money of the World Computer Chess Championships in [[WCCC 2007|2007]], [[WCCC 2008|2008]], [[WCCC 2009|2009]] and [[WCCC 2010|2010]] <ref>[ Rybka disqualified and banned from World Computer Chess Championships | ChessVibes] by [ [Peter Doggers]], June 29, 2011([ Wayback Machine])</ref> .
In August 2011, the board of the Dutch Computer Chess Federation ([[CSVN]]) declared the most serious doubts as to the rightfulness of ICGA's decision. Therefore, they have chosen not to abide by their sanctions against Rybka <ref>[ Rybka and the ICGA], [ CSVN Computerschaak]</ref> , see [[ICGA Investigations]]
* [ What Strelka tells about Rybka's nodecount and depth] by [[Ernest Bonnem]], [[CCC]], July 09, 2007
* [ Longer comments by V. Rajlich] by [[Marc Lacrosse]], [[CCC]], July 10, 2007
* [ (Experimental) 64-bit Rybka on Linux] by [[Steinar H. Gunderson|Sesse]], [[Computer Chess Forums|Rybka Forum]], July 10, 2007 » [[Linux]]
* [ Re: Is Rybka a derivative of Fruit?] by [[Vasik Rajlich]], [[Computer Chess Forums|Rybka Forum]], July 14, 2007
* [ Fruit, Rybka, Strelka final conclusion! (I hope)] by [[Michael Sherwin]], [[CCC]], July 13, 2007
* [ Revisiting Strelka/Rybka] by [[Mark Watkins|BB+]], [[Computer Chess Forums|OpenChess Forum]], January 25, 2011
* [ Feb 12 version: Rybka 1.0 Beta / Fruit 2.1 document] by [[Mark Watkins|BB+]], [[Computer Chess Forums|OpenChess Forum]], February 12, 2011
* [ Attack of the clones | ChessVibes] by [[David Levy]], February 19, 2011([ Wayback Machine])
* [ Open letter to the ICGA about the Rybka-Fruit issue] by [[Harvey Williamson]], [[Computer Chess Forums|Hiarcs Forum]], March 01, 2011
* [ Programmers Open Letter to ICGA on Rybka/Fruit] by [[Mark Watkins|BB+]], [[Computer Chess Forums|OpenChess Forum]], March 01, 2011
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