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Bringer applies [[Check Extensions|check]] and [[Recapture Extensions|recapture extensions]], and further extends to detect perpetual checks, on [[Passed Pawn Extensions|pushing passers]] to 6th or 7th rank, if there is [[One Reply Extensions|only one move]], and on [[Mate Threat Extensions|severe threats]].
It also did some negative extension, aka [[Pruning|pruning]] and [[Razoring|razoring]] <ref>[ Re: The Scalable Search Test / Results of "Der Bringer"] by [[Gerrit Reubold]], [[CCC]], June 18, 2000</ref>, and since '''Bringer 1.8''' performs [[Static Exchange Evaluation|smart exchange evaluation]] to avoid calculating obviously bad moves near the tips.
=Tournament Play=
Bringer played the [[BELCT 2001]] over the board, operated by [[:Category:Opening Book Author|opening book author]] [[Peter Berger]], and further five early [[CCT Tournaments]], the [[CCT1]], [[CCT3]], [[CCT4]], [[CCT5]], and finally the [[CCT6]].
=Forum Posts=

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