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Tim Breitkreutz

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[[FILE:TimBreitkreutz.jpg|border|right|thumb|250px|link=| Tim Breitkreutz <ref>[ timbreitkreutz (Tim Breitkreutz) · GitHub]</ref> ]]

'''Tim Breitkreutz''',<br/>
a Canadian computer scientist, entrepreneur, and [[Ruby|Ruby on Rails]]/[[JavaScript]] developer <ref>[ Tim Breitkreutz | LinkedIn]</ref>.
During the 80s, he was affiliated with the [[University of Alberta]] , where he worked with [[Jonathan Schaeffer]] and [[Tony Marsland]] on [[Engine Testing|automated testing]] and [ distributed processing], and defended his M.Sc. degree in 1989 on the topic of developing applications for the ''network multiprocessor package'' (NMP), a [ PVM]-like [ message passing] library.

=Selected Publications=
<ref>[ dblp: T. Breitkreutz]</ref>
* [[Tim Breitkreutz]], [[Jonathan Schaeffer]] ('''1984'''). ''Computer vs Computer via Computer''. [[ICGA Journal#7_4|ICCA Journal, Vol. 7, No. 4]]
* [[Tim Breitkreutz]], [[Steve Sutphen]], [[Tony Marsland]] ('''1989'''). ''Developing NMP Applications''. Technical Report TR89-11, Computing Science Department, [[University of Alberta]], [ CiteSeerX], [ pdf]
* [[Tony Marsland]], [[Tim Breitkreutz]], [[Steve Sutphen]] ('''1991'''). ''A Network Multiprocessor for Experiments in Parallelism.'' Concurrency: Practice and Experience, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 203-219. [ pdf]

=External Links=
* [ Tim Breitkreutz Portfolio]
* [ Tim Breitkreutz | LinkedIn]
* [ timbreitkreutz (Tim Breitkreutz) · GitHub]
* [ Flickr: Tim Breitkreutz]

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