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Alpha-Beta was invented independently by several researchers and pioneers from the 50s <ref>[[Jaap van den Herik]] ('''2001'''). ''Science, Competition and Business''. [[ICGA Journal#24_4|ICGA Journal, Vol. 24, No. 4]], [ pdf]</ref>, and further research until the 80s, most notable by
* [[John McCarthy]] proposed the idea of Alpha-Beta in after the representation of the [[Timeline#1955The Bernstein Chess Program|1955Chess Program]] by [[Alex Bernstein]] <ref>[ The Dartmouth Workshop--as planned and as it happened]</ref> at the [ Dartmouth_workshop Dartmouth ConferenceWorkshop] in [[Timeline#1956|1956]] <ref>[ A Proposal for the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence] by [[John McCarthy]], [[Marvin Minsky]], [ [Nathaniel Rochester]], [[Claude Shannon]], August 31, '''1955'''</ref>
* [[Allen Newell]] and [[Herbert Simon]] Approximation in [[Timeline#1958|1958]]
* [[Arthur Samuel]] Approximation in [[Timeline#1959|1959]]

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