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The King

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'''The King''',<br/>
a chess program by [[Johan de Koning]] written in [[C]], which had its debut at the [[DOCCC 1987|7th Dutch Computer Chess Championship 1987]] and was further developed, participating at computer chess [[Tournamentsand Matches|tournaments]] until the present, in total winning four [[Dutch Open Computer Chess Championship|Dutch Computer Chess Championships]] and one [[International CSVN Tournament]], the [[DOCCC 1991]], [[DOCCC 1993]], [[DOCCC 1995]], [[DOCCC 1998]], and the [[ICT 2003]].
The King, famous for "his" interesting and entertaining playing style, was commercially market by [[TASC]] as [[ChessMachine]], in bundle with [[Gideon]], running on an [[ARM2]] RISC CPU. ChessMachine The King was shared winner of the [[4th Computer Olympiad|4th Computer Olympiad 1992]] and had good results at the [[WMCCC 1990]] and [[WMCCC 1991]], further ported for various [[Dedicated Chess Computers|dedicated chess computers]], most notably [[TASC R30]], [[TASC R40]], [[Saitek]] [[RISC 2500]] and [[Mephisto Montreux]], and was also incorporated as analysis engine of [[TascBase]]. However, Johan de Koning's greatest commercial success was entering the [[IBM PC|PC]] and [[Windows]] mass market, when in 1994 The King became the chess engine of [[Chessmaster|Chessmaster 4000]] <ref>[[Mads Brevik]] ('''1994'''). ''[ Chessmaster 4000 Turbo for Windows from Mindscape]''. [ Game Bytes Magazine]</ref> , which remains the best-selling chess franchise in history <ref>[ Chessmaster from Wikipedia]</ref> <ref>[ Re: Why is Chessmaster so popular in CCC?] by [[John Merlino]], [[CCC]], July 05, 2000</ref> .
from [[Don Beal|Don Beal's]] [[WMCCC 1991]] report <ref>[[Don Beal]] ('''1991'''). ''Report on the [[WMCCC 1991|11th World Microcomputer Chess Championship]]''. [[ICGA Journal|ICCA Journal]], Vol. 14, No. 2</ref> :
Written by Johan de Koning, already known for his program which has competed for several years in [[Dutch Open Computer Chess Championship|Dutch tournaments]]. This latest version runs on the [[ARM2]] RISC CPU and represents 2.5 man-years of development. The [[Evaluation functionFunction|evaluation function]] is complex and hence a little slow. Positional [[Score|scores]] can "easily exceed several Pawns". Separate evaluation terms are used for [[Opening|opening]]/[[Middlegame|middle]]/[[Endgame|endgame]] with [[Tapered Eval|smooth transitions]] between them by using 3 weights which sum to 100%, giving a fuzzy definition of the [[Game Phases|phases]]. The [[Search|search]] techniques include [[Check Extensions|check extensions]] and chess-specific static rules for additional [[Extensions|extensions]]. [[Singular Extensions|Singular extensions]] are not used, but [[Lower Bound|lower bounds]] are computed to limit the search in the [[Selectivity|selective]] phase. [[Best Move|Best moves]] from earlier [[Iterative Deepening|iterations]], [[History Heuristic|history heuristic]], [[Killer Heuristic|killer heuristic]], priority to [[Captures|captures]], and a [[Refutation Table|refutation table]] are all used to [[Move Ordering|order moves]], which are [[Move Generation|generated]] in the all-and-sort fashion. Specialized endgame knowledge is included and this is actively being expanded.
=Games & Photos=
Be4 36.b5 Nc4 37.Re7 Bd5 38.Rd7 1-0
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==ICT 2013==
35.hxg3 Rf7 36.a6 Rxa3 37.Qb6 Ra2 38.a7 1-0
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=Commercial Spin-offs=
* [[Chessmaster]]
* [[Mephisto Montreux]]
* [[Millennium The King]]
* [[RISC 2500]]
* [[TASC R30]]
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