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Nelson Hernandez

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'''Nelson Hernandez''', alias ''Cato the Younger''<br/>
an American [ correspondence chess] and [ freestyle chess] player <ref>[ Interviews with Freestylets ]…by [[Vasik Rajlich]]</ref>, computer chess aficionado, and [[:Category:Opening Book Author|opening book author]], member of the [[Thinker]] team at the [[WCCC 2010]]. He produced and published a video interview with [[Vasik Rajlich]] in 2009, ''[[Vasik Rajlich#Conversation|A Conversation with Vasik Rajlich]]'', and in July 2011, after the [[Rybka]] [[World Computer Chess Championship#RybkaDisqualification|disqualification]] by the [[ICGA]] in June 2011, ''[[Vasik Rajlich#Conversation|Another Conversation with Vasik Rajlich]]'' <ref>[ Vasik Rajlich responds to his accusers] by [[Nelson Hernandez]], [[Computer Chess Forums|Rybka Forum]], July 12, 2011</ref>.
At recent [[TCEC]], he in conjunction with [[Jeroen Noomen]], Nelson Hernandez is responsible to select of choosing the [[Opening Book|opening linespositions]] <ref>[ Nelson Hernandez (Cato the Younger in... - TCEC - Thoresen Chess Engines Competition | Facebook], November 19, 2013</ref> <ref>[[Nelson Hernandez]] ('''2018'''). ''Choosing chess openings for TCEC10''. [[ICGA Journal#40_3|ICGA Journal, Vol. 40, No. 3]]</ref>.

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