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* [[Jr-Chang Chen]], [[I-Chen Wu]], [[Wen-Jie Tseng]], [[Bo-Han Lin]], [[Chia-Hui Chang]] ('''2015'''). ''[ Job-Level Alpha-Beta Search]''. [[IEEE#TOCIAIGAMES|IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games]], Vol. 7, No. 1
* [[Bojun Huang]] ('''2015'''). ''[ Pruning Game Tree by Rollouts]''. [[AAAI]] » [[Monte-Carlo Tree Search|MCTS]], [[SSS* and Dual*#SSStarandDualStarAsMT|MT-SSS*]], [[Bojun Huang#Rollout|Rollout Paradigm]] <ref>[ Re: Announcing lczero] by [[Daniel Shawul]], [[CCC]], January 21, 2018 » [[Leela Chess Zero]]</ref>
* [[Naoyuki Sato]], [[Kokolo Ikeda]] ('''2016'''). ''[ Three types of forward pruning techniques to apply the alpha beta algorithm to turn-based strategy games]''. [ CIG 2016]
* [[Hendrik Baier]] ('''2017'''). ''[ A Rollout-Based Search Algorithm Unifying MCTS and Alpha-Beta]''. [ Computer Games] » [[MCαβ]], [[Monte-Carlo Tree Search]]

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