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Jean Metzinger - Soldat jouant aux échecs [1]

a WinBoard compliant open source chess engine by Marco Giusfredi, written in Ansi C. Soldat was first released in July 2002 as version 0.18 [2]. The most recent Soldat III 1.87 appeared on July 03, 2017. Soldat participated at the International Gsei Tournament 2017 in Rome.


Soldat [3] represents the board as 0x88 mailbox, and applies PVS with aspiration windows within its iterative deepening framework, enhanced by a transposition table with Zobrist hashing, NMP (NMR in the late endgame), LMR, razoring, check extensions and history heuristic. The evaluation considers piece-square tables, mobility, pawn structure, tempo and king safety in the middlegame.

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