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Robert Arnstein,
an American electrical engineer, computer scientist, and early chess and game [1] programmer. Along with Richard Arnstein, Robert was executive of the companies Device Oriented Games, Inc. (January 1979) [2] in its early stage focused on developing adventure games for the TRS-80 market [3] [4] , and in 1993 Rhotech Labs, L.C. [5].

8080 Chess

Robert Arnstein is author of 8080 Chess [6], a chess program for S-100 bus microcomputers, consisted of the pins of the Intel 8080 run out onto the backplane. 8080 Chess was the first microcomputer to participate in an ACM North American Computer Chess Championship, the ACM 1977 [7]. Robert Arnstein has an own ICGA tournament page, but with no program mentioned [8].

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