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Polyglot Adapter,
an adapter [2] that allows UCI engines to use interfaces and GUIs supporting the Chess Engine Communication Protocol, developed by Fabien Letouzey and modified by Fonzy Bluemers [3]. Polyglot is open source, licensed under the GPL, and is able to run on various operating systems, which allows to run UCI engines not only under Windows with its native chess GUIs, but also under Linux and Mac OS using XBoard. PolyGlot 1.4 provides a simplistic opening book implementation [4], referred as bin-opening book format.


As far as XBoard/WinBoard is concerned since 2018, Polyglot is scheduled for retirement. The latest beta package of WinBoard did not contain any Polyglot, but relied on UCI2WB instead, which is variant agnostic, and supports all UCI dialects (USI, UCCI, UCI-Cyclone, Arena960). Polyglot is useless for anything other than ordinary Chess [5].

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