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Maurizio Monge [1]

Maurizio Monge,
an Italian mathematician and computer scientist, Ph.D. in 2012 from Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa under supervision of Roberto Dvornicich [2]. His research interests include extensions of local fields, Galois modules, structure of recurrence sequences, arithmetic of function field, and more recently dynamical systems and noise-induced order.

Computer Chess

Interested in computer chess and programming, Maurizio Monge developed his chess engines RattateChess and RattatAjedrez [3]. He has further created various chess piece sets using Inkscape, available as SVG source, processed PNG files and XBoard theme [4].

Perfect Hashing

Motivated by the application of magic bitboards, Maurizio worked on its generalization of perfect hashing of numbers with sparse digit representation via multiplication by a constant, elaborating on Convolution, Toeplitz matrix, and Schur polynomial, published in 2010 on arXiv [5], amd in 2011 in Discrete Applied Mathematics, Vol. 159, No. 11.

Selected Publications

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