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Matthieu Walraet [1]

Matthieu Walraet,
a French Go player [2] and software engineer with a masters degree in computer science from École Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique pour l'Industrie et l'Entreprise in 1996 [3]. He has contributed to various open source projects, such as Luc Vannier's OpenGotha Go tournament management program [4], and the WireWorld cellular automaton [5].

A googolplex of Go games

In A googolplex of Go games in 2016, Matthieu Walraet elaborated on the number of possible Go games on a 19x19 board. Inspired by the work of John Tromp on the number of legal Go positions and John Tromp and Gunnar Farnebäck on the number of possible Go games on a board less than 19x19, who already established lower and upper bounds of


Using properties of binary Gray code, Matthieu Walraet narrowed the huge gap to a lower bound of


well above a googolplex by subdividing the board and iterating over all legal sub-board positions. A revised version of his paper was presented along with John Tromp at the CG 2016 conference [6].

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