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Lawrence J. Krakauer [1]

Lawrence Jay (Larry) Krakauer,
an American retired electrical engineer and computer scientist with a Ph.D. in the field of Artificial Intelligence from MIT in 1970 under thesis advisor Marvin Minsky [2], and former vice president of research and development at Kronos Incorporated [3]. During the late 60s at MIT, Krakauer contributed to the Greenblatt Chess Program aka Mac Hack VI, in developing a 2D Graphics Board for the DEC 340 display used for the main system console of the PDP-6. This constitutes likely for the first GUI of a chess program in 1968. In addition, he was an amateur radio operator at the time, and brought his radio rig (transmitter and receiver) in to the MIT labratory, which allowed Mac Hack VI to play a match against Charly [4], a chess program developed at the ETH Zurich by Gerald Tripard, Gerhard Rudolf and Werner Joho [5]. Krakauer maintaines a blog with interesting stories about chess, Mac Hack IV, the PDP-6, MIT and more [6].

Mac Hack VI GUI

Mac Hack VI GUI ... [7] ... for the DEC 340 display [8]


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