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Kvetka Screen [1]

Kvetka, (КВЕТКА)
a free chess utility to view and analyze chess games and positions under Windows with functional intersections of a chess database frontend and an UCI compliant graphical user interface. Kvetka is developed by Dmitry Badziahin [2], and was first released in 2008 [3]. It is intended as online game viewer and frontend to replay and analyze games with an UCI engine, but not (yet) for playing games. It supports various game and position file formats such as Portable Game Notation (PGN), Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FEN), Extended Position Description (EPD), is able to read ChessBase CBH and SCDI si4 formats, recognizes online chess games from web sites and chess servers, and is extensible by plugins, e.g. for opening book support and ECO classification. Kvetka is bundled with Stockfish as default engine.

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