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Kurt Thearling [1]

Kurt H. Thearling,
an American electrical engineer, analytics and data science executive with focus on data mining for CRM. While affiliated with the Thinking Machines Corporation in the 90s, where he helped to create Darwin, one of the first commercial data mining software applications able to analyze extremely large databases, and worked along with Thomas S. Ray on the Tierra project, a computer simulation of artificial life, he also contributed to computer chess with the first message passing software for the StarTech project. John Mucci and David Waltz provided the managerial backing to allow Mark Bromley, Roger Frye, and Kurt Thearling to work on the massive parallel chess program.


Roger E. Frye contributed to the StarTech project, as mentioned by Bradley Kuszmaul in his thesis acknowledgments [2]:

Mark Bromley, Roger Frye, and Kurt Thearling provided important design and programming help in getting StarTech running on the CM-5. 

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