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John Maynard Smith [1]

John Maynard Smith, (January 6, 1920 – April 19, 2004 [2])
was a British theoretical evolutionary biologist, geneticist, and latterly Emeritus Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex.


In 1961, John Maynard Smith created a chess machine called SOMA, the Smith One-Move Analyzer, as a challenger of Donald Michie's and Shaun Wylie's early program Machiavelli from 1947-48 [3], of whose method of working he was in ignorance [4]. Later John Maynard Smith built a SOMA-Machiavelli hybrid named SOMAC (SOMA with features taken from the Machiavelli) [5]. This machine, when allowed a lookahead of two, has a standard of play equal to that of a mediocre human player ... [6][7].


In 1973, Maynard Smith formalized a central concept in game theory called the evolutionarily stable strategy (ESS), based on a verbal argument by George R. Price and published in 1982 [8].

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