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John L. Jerz,
an American electrical engineer and programmer. He holds a BS in electrical engineering (1988), a M.Sc. in EE (1995), and a M.Sc. in systems engineering (2000), all degrees from Virginia Tech [1]. John L. Jerz maintains a web site which contains a collection of information relating to chess, computers, problem solving, artificial intelligence and other subjects [2].

Future Mobility

In his article A Proposed Heuristic for a Computer Chess Program [3], John L. Jerz suggests to maintain a database of potential mobility for each chess piece three moves into the future and to evaluate positions accordantly. Progressive mobility is applicable via fill algorithms, where a bitboard of (safe) piece attacks of a sliding piece, a knight or a king is fed to appropriate set-wise attack generators, f.i. Dumb7Fill or Kogge-Stone algorithm for sliders.

Selected Publications

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