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Jeroen Carolus [1]

Jeroen W.T. Carolus,
a Dutch computer scientist and software developer. In 2006, he defended his Master's thesis at University of Amsterdam on a variation of Futility Pruning dubbed Sibling Prediction Pruning under the title Alpha-Beta with Sibling Prediction Pruning in Chess under supervision of Paul Klint [2].


  • Jeroen Carolus (2006). Alpha-Beta with Sibling Prediction Pruning in Chess. Master's thesis, pdf
A lot of computation time of chess computers is spent in evaluating leafs of the game tree. Time is wasted on bad positions. In this research, a method that predicts the maximum evaluation result of sibling chess positions is defined. The idea is to prune brothers of a bad position without information loss.
The resulting algorithm is a forward pruning method on leafs of the game tree, which gives correct minimax results. A maximum positional difference of the evaluation function on siblings must be correctly measured or assessed for the algorithm to work properly. The results of this thesis cannot be generalized because of the dependencies on the evaluation function, but are intended as a proof of concept and show that it is worthwhile to investigate Sibling Prediction Pruning Alpha-Beta in a broader context.

Chess Software

For his masters thesis, a chess engine was created in Java with the 64 bits bitboard approach. The idea was to create the source for educational purposes, since a chess application contains a lot of software building challenges such as a nice GUI and optimized computation. This project, unfortunately and practically, could not be fitted into a master's thesis. It has been ported to C++ and communicates to the GUI via the JNI. The forward pruning search optimization was used for research. Several of his Android applications are using this chess engine, now dubbed Android-Chess.

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  1. jcarolus (Jeroen Carolus) · GitHub
  2. Jeroen Carolus (2006). Alpha-Beta with Sibling Prediction Pruning in Chess. Master's thesis, pdf

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