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Jeiqi board, with pieces in their starting positions [1]

Jeiqi (in Chinese: 揭棋, in Vietnamese: Cờ Úp, probably other names in English: uncovering / dark / unveiling chess / xiangqi) is a Xiangqi (Chinese chess) variant rising star when the number of players grows rapidly, especially in China and Vietnam.

Basically the game plays with typical Xiangqi board and pieces. The rules, the object are similar too. The main differences are:

  • At start point excepting the King, all 15 pieces of each side will be covered (usually by small plastic covers or simply put them face down to hide their symbols) and randomly put on original positions. Those covered pieces are called dark or covered ones
  • A covered piece should do the first move as the original piece in which it is located. For example the covered piece on bottom left corner (which is a Rook position in Xiangqi) must do the first move as a Rook. That is why covered pieces are also called “fake” based on which original pieces' locations they are on. For example the mentioned covered piece (on bottom left corner) is called "fake Rook". After the first move it will be revealed / uncovered to show its real material (for example, the fake Rook revealed to be a Pawn). From now on that (unveiled) piece will move as its real chess type (for example, the new Pawn will move as a Pawn). The revealing is similar to chess promotion but in this case players cannot control which new types the pieces can become. We call it “revelation” to distinguish from promotion
  • Revealed Advisors and Elephants can move freely without any limited by area as they were in Xiangqi. It means they can appear out of palaces and can cross the river to attack opposite Kings
  • Kings are still limited in palaces, Pawns could be revealed anywhere but can go ahead only when they are still in their home land and could go sidedly after crossing the river
  • Capture: covered pieces could capture or be captured as usual. However after being captured they may still remain in covered status, no one knows which real materials the captured covered-pieces are


Pieces are similar to Xiangqi except they have extra covered pieces.

Images Name Notation [2] Movement
暗子 Covered piece X moves and captures
as original pieces

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