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Jean Méhat [1]

Jean Méhat,
a French computer scientist and associate professor at Paris 8 University, LIASD. His research interests include search algorithms, in particular parallel Monte-Carlo tree search along with general game playing. In 2009, Jean Méhat and Tristan Cazenave won the general game playing competition [2] at IJCAI 2009 with their program Ary [3], applying Nested Monte-Carlo search [4] .

Selected Publications


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External Links


  1. Jean Méhat Home Page
  2. General Game Playing Competition 2009
  3. Jean Méhat, Tristan Cazenave (2008). Ary: A Program for General Game Playing. pdf
  4. Tristan Cazenave (2009). Nested Monte-Carlo Search. IJCAI 2009, pdf
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