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Jan van Reek [1]

Jan van Reek, (July 10, 1945 – August 8, 2015)
was a Dutch medical sociologist, chess analyst, chess writer and journalist, and composer of endgame studies. Jan van Reek further researched on historic chess tournaments, for instance the Baden-Baden 1870 chess tournament with Adolf Anderssen, Wilhelm Steinitz, Gustav Neumann, Joseph Henry Blackburne, and Louis Paulsen among other great chess players from that time, and elaborated on Strategy and Planning in chess.


In 1997, Jan van Reek [2] categorized Planning in chess to three main characteristics, Tactics, positional play, and Strategy, where positional play serves as guideline for planning of a strategy [3] :

Terms of Planning Aim Dominating abstraction
Tactics Short To gain material or to mate Matter
Positional play Medium To improve the position Space
Strategy Long To swing the balance Time

Long-term planning by human chess players is usually made on the basis of reasoning, experience, and intuition, as investigated by De Groot in 1946 [4] .

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