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Harold Jacques Dutka, (1919 - 2002 [1])
an American mathematician with a Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1943 on Transversality in Higher Space [2]. Dutka first calculated the Square root of 2 to more than one million digits [3]. Starting with a rough approximation of the root derived from the Pell's equation, Dutka devised a special algorithm for that calculation .

First CC Tournament Director

At the First United States Computer Chess Championship 1970 in New York, Jacques Dutka served as tournament director [4].


ACM 1970 round 1: Chess 3.0 - Coko III, from left: Jacques Dutka (Tournament Director), unknown,
Keith Gorlen operating Chess 3.0, Monty Newborn, Steven M. Bellovin with phone, unknown back of head [5]

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