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John McCarthy playing chess at IBM 7090, 1967 [1] [2]

IBM 7090,
an IBM mainframe computer of the 36-bit IBM 700/7000 series, and the first transistorized commercial computer [3] announced in 1958 and first installed in 1959 [4]. The basic instruction format was the same as the IBM 704 / IBM 709, 3-bit prefix, 15-bit decrement, 3-bit tag, and 15-bit address. The prefix field specified the class of instruction, the decrement field often contained an immediate operand, or was used to further define the instruction type. The tag bits specified any combination of three (7 for the IBM 7094) index registers, in which the contents of the registers were subtracted from the address to produce an effective address of an memory operand of a 32K words address space. More than 200 different instructions are provided, fixed-point arithmetic operations, floating-point arithmetic operations, logical operations, control and testing operations, input-output operations, shift operations, and numerous indexing operations [5], accumulator as implicit operand. 36-bit integer representation was ones'-complement, except for index registers which were two's-complement [6].

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