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Heuristic Software, (Heuristic Software Corporation)
an American chess and AI game developing company founded in 1981 by Julio Kaplan, located in Richmond, California. Heuristic Software evolved from a small company called Teletape Productions by Kaplan to develop a chess game for Mattel [1].


In the 80s Heuristic's primary customer became Eric Winkler's SciSys, in 1987 renamed to Saitek, where Heuristic's CEO Julio Kaplan and Craig Barnes developed the programs of most of their dedicated units, starting with Sensor Chess [2], President Chess, Superstar and Turbostar.

Kasparov's Gambit

In 1990, after the cooperation with Saitek declined, Heuristic Software started to focus on the upcoming PC market and worked with Don Dailey and Larry Kaufman on Heuristic Alpha, which was never released but evolved to the mass market product Kasparov's Gambit, distributed by Electronic Arts in 1993. Due the fall of the dedicated chess computer market, and the tough competition in the PC niche chess market, in the US dominated by Chessmaster 3000 and Battle Chess, Heuristic Software closed down in 1995.


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