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Helmut Richter,
a German computer scientist and as computer chess programmer author of one of the first German chess programs, Schach MV 5,6. In 1971, Richter started the development on a Telefunken TR-4 and TR 440 mainframe, continuing with a PDP-10. Schach MV 5,6, containing about 5000 Fortran statements, was subject of his diploma thesis, and apparently a SOMA approach without looking ahead more than one ply [1].


David Levy, who was tournament director at the First GI Computer Chess Tournament in Dortmund, was indebted to Helmut Richter of Hamburg for an accurate description of what Donald Michie called "swap-off". This is described incorrectly on pages 45-47 of Chess and Computers [2], the errors having been copied over from Michies's original article on the subject, published in 1966 [3]. Levy gives Richter's description of as Swap-off algorithm what is today usually referred as SEE in the May 1970 issue of Personal Computer World [4].

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