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HP 2100A [1]

HP 2100,
a series of 16-bit minicomputers that were produced by Hewlett-Packard from the mid-1960s to early 1990s [2]. Starting with the 10 MHz HP 2116A with 4K words in 1966, the HP 2100 was released in 1971, had memory protect, dual channel DMA and an optional hardware floating point processor. The HP 2100 used 15-bits addresses for up to 32k words of core memory. The machine had no stack for subroutines and no internal support for re-entrant code. Most processing is handled in the A and B 16-bit registers, also accessible at memory locations 0 and 1. The CPU further had registers with a current memory address (M), its content (T) and a program counter (P) and flags. The instruction set include Add, Inc, And, Or, Xor, arithmetic and logical Shifts, 16- and 17-bit Rotates, Skip, Jump, and Jump to Subroutine.

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