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Felicity Tablebases,
are open source  endgame tablebases in C++ for chess, Xiangqi and Jeiqi developed by Nguyen Pham,  providing some popular metrics such as depth to mate and depth to convert information. First published in 2018, it supported only Xiangqi at that time and it used a special compression algorithm to create and run with a very small-size EGTB. In April 2024, Nguyen Pham restarted the project, rewrote the whole code, added the generator, and supported chess, Xiangqi and Jeiqi. 

The name Felicity is inspired by the song Felicità by Al Bano & Romina Power[1].

Progress reports

Felicity Tablebase is not a ready-to-use one but a work in progress for studying/researching. It is not stuck immediately to specific things such as metrics, board presentations, algorithms for compressing, or backward/forward generators. Instead, it tries testing as much as possible with multiple options to find the best ones. Not every attempt/work is successful. The project creates reports on some forums to report all attempts, works and results.


It is an open-source, published with an MIT license.

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