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Erik van der Werf [1]

Erik van der Werf,
a Dutch computer scientist, principal scientist in the hearing aid industry, and master level Go player [2]. He received a M.Sc. degree in applied physics from Delft University of Technology in 1999, and defended his Ph.D. thesis on artificial intelligence for the game of Go at Maastricht University in 2005 under supervision of Jaap van den Herik and Jos Uiterwijk. Erik van der Werf is author of the Go playing programs Magog (started with Levente Kocsis and Mark Winands) [3], Steenvreter [4] and GridMaster [5]. His Mini Go Solver Migos solved 5x5 Go in 2002 [6], using iterative deepening alpha-beta search (PVS), with transposition tables, enhanced transposition cut-offs, two killer moves, history heuristic, Benson's algorithm for unconditional live [7] [8], and domain specific evaluation heuristics, futher elaborated in his Ph.D. thesis and ICGA Journal papers.


Magog team smaller.jpg

The Magog team at the 7th Computer Olympiad 2002. Mark Winands, Levente Kocsis, Erik van der Werf [9]

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