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Donald Eastlake III [1]

Donald E. Eastlake III,
an American mathematician, computer scientist, and pioneer in network protocols and security. As undergraduate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and fellow of Richard Greenblatt, Eastlake was co-developer of ITS (Incompatible Timesharing System), the PDP-6 operating system on which MacLisp was developed [2], and The Greenblatt Chess Program or Mac Hack VI in 1966 [3].


Donald Eastlake has been involved with network protocols and security [4] for many years with Motorola [5][6], IBM [7], Cybercash, and Digital Equipment Corporation [8]. He is the chairman of IEEE 802.11 Task Group's, whose goal is to produce an amendment to the 802.11 (Wi-Fi) standard supporting mesh networking, and was heavily involved in developing the 802.11i (Robust Security) standard. He also co-chairs the IETF TRILL working group which is applying routing technology to layer 2 addresses. Donald has authored over 42 IETF RFCs, including the only IETF RFC with the word “sex” in its title [9], and two books.

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