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Denis Dancanet [1]

Denis Razuan Dancanet,
an American, Romanian born private pilot, mathematician, Ph.D. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University on Intensional Semantics in the context of programming languages and parallel computing [2]. He is CEO of Jetoptera [3], a company developing propulsion systems for unmanned and manned aircraft, located in Edmonds, Washington, before affiliated with Morgan Stanley & Co. in the UK [4]. According to his 1999 homepage, chess is one of his latest obsessions [5].


Along with Lucien N. Dancanet, Denis Dancanet developed the chess playing program Tumult for an 6502 Apple II computer, which participated at the WMCCC 1985 in Amsterdam with a good result of 3½ out of 7 and 3rd place in the Amateurs tournament [6]. He defected from Romania to the US in September 1985 [7].

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