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Colin Frayn [1]

Colin M. Frayn,
a British Astronomer and senior research fellow. He obtained his Ph.D. in galaxy evolution from the Institute of Astronomy at University of Cambridge in 2002. After that, he spent four years working in the leading Natural Computation group in the Computer Science department of the University of Birmingham. He has worked extensively in nature-inspired computation, data analysis, science education and combating Internet fraud. He currently lives in London, UK, and works in the finance industry [2].

Computer Chess

Colin is computer chess programmer [3], author of ColChess, and primary author of Beowulf [4]. With the Centre of Excellence for Computational Intelligence and Applications (Cercia), School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, in collaboration with Carlos Justiniano, and other researcher and volunteers world wide, Colin Frayn was head of the ChessBrain [5] project [6].


Colin has passionately studied the subject of evolution for many years, and is the author of a website [7] evaluating scientific evidence for the evolution / creationism debate. He is a strong believer in rationality, and advocates the education of children and adults alike in skeptical, analytical thought [8].

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