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Brian Sheppard,
an American mathematician, computer scientist and computer games programmer, including the games of chess, Othello, and most notably Scrabble, where he is author of the commercial program Maven [1]. Maven applies various search algorithms for various game stages, a probability-weighted search, Monte-Carlo Tree Search and B* for the endgame analysis. Brian Sheppard holds a BA in mathematics from Harvard University in 1984, and a Ph.D. from Maastricht University under supervision of Jaap van den Herik and Jonathan Schaeffer in 2002 [2]. His Ph.D. thesis Towards Perfect Play of Scrabble received the ChessBase Best-Publication Award. Brian Sheppard started writing his first chess program in 1986, which took him 9 years and 3 complete move generators to make a chess engine with championship-caliber speed [3]. More recently, he contributes to the Stockfish project [4].

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