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Ben Yalow 1979 [1]

Benjamin (Ben) Yalow,
an American computer scientist, as a programmer long time affiliated with City University of New York, and Science fiction fandom [2] [3].


In 1970/71, at Columbia University, along with Steven M. Bellovin, Andrew Koenig, and Aron Eisenpress, Ben Yalow co-authored the chess program CCCP, which competed at the ACM 1971, and was initially based on Hans Berliner's program J. Biit, which played one year before [4] [5]. Andrew Koenig on the individual roles of CCCP's programming team [6]:

I designed the overall structure of the program and coded much of the human interface. Steve wrote the tree searching and pruning routines, Ben did the move generation and evaluation routines, and Aron wrote the part of the human interface that made it possible to enter moves at a 2250 display with a light pen ...

From Columbia to CUNY

Quote by Gillian Frasier from Aron Eisenpress, CUNY/CIS's Renaissance Man [7] [8]:

Kenneth King was Director of the Columbia Computer Center and Ira Fuchs Manager of Systems Programming. These two got to know Eisenpress and had the foresight to encourage his curiosity. He was hired part-time to train the operators and then full-time as a systems programmer in 1971.
In 1973, King was hired by the City University of New York as Dean of Computing, with the specific mandate to create the new central CUNY computer center at 57th Street. He brought with him many of his Columbia staff - Eisenpress, Ben Yalow, Ira Fuchs, ... who made up the initial core of the CUNY/UCC systems group. 

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