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Barbara Huberman [1]

Barbara Liskov, (née Barbara Jane Huberman in 1939)
an American mathematician, computer scientist and Ford Professor at MIT School of Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1968 Stanford University made her the first woman in the United States to be awarded a Ph.D. from a computer science department, advised by John McCarthy. The topic of her Ph.D. thesis was a computer program to play chess end games, where she proposed the Killer Heuristic [2] [3]. Huberman's program could solve KQK, KRK, KBBK, KBNK, and KNNNK [4].

Turing Award

Barbara Liskov received the 2008 ACM Turing Award for her work on practical and theoretical foundations of programming language and systems design, especially related to data abstraction, fault tolerance, and distributed computing [5]

Selected Publications


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A lecture given on the occasion of Princeton University's centennial celebration of Alan Turing, May 11, 2012


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