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Aron Eisenpress,
an American computer scientist affiliated with the City University of New York, and Manager of the MVS Control Systems . In 1970/71, while affiliated with Columbia University, along with Steven M. Bellovin, Andrew Koenig, and Ben Yalow, he co-authored the chess program CCCP, which competed at the ACM 1971, and was initially based on Hans Berliner's program J. Biit, which played one year before [1] [2].


Hanging Out

Quote by Gillian Frasier from Aron Eisenpress, CUNY/CIS's Renaissance Man [3]:

His work in computing began in the late 1960s when he was a Columbia undergraduate, "hanging out," as he describes it, with friends around the computer center. (Some things don't change. Most academic computer centers still have students hanging around, asking questions about new gadgets and helping out whenever they are allowed to.)
Columbia's computer at the time, a 360/91, was a huge machine with all of 2M memory. Its operating system was MVT with ASP, the precursors of MVS and JES3 at CUNY/CIS. Most jobs were submitted on cards but there were a few CRT 2260 terminals which could logon to CLEO and CRBE, precursors of our WYLBUR. 


Andrew Koenig on the individual roles of CCCP's programming team [4]

I designed the overall structure of the program and coded much of the human interface. Steve wrote the tree searching and pruning routines, Ben did the move generation and evaluation routines, and Aron wrote the part of the human interface that made it possible to enter moves at a 2250 display with a light pen ...

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