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Adrian Millett, (often misspelled as Adrian Millet)
a British Checkers and games programmer. He is author of the Checkers playing program Sage [1] [2] [3] and the Draughts and Draughts variant playing program Dynamo [4], and along with Derek Oldbury co-author of the Checkers playing program Checkermate. Sage Draughts competed at the 1st Computer Olympiad, London 1989, Checkermate at the 2nd Computer Olympiad, London 1990, both in 8x8 Checkers - Dynamo played 10x10 Draughts at the 4th Computer Olympiad, London 1992. In 1995, Adrian Millett introduced the Portable Draughts Notation based on the Portable Game Notation in Chess [5].

Genius GUI

Adrian Millett is developer of the Windows GUI for Chess Genius 4 [6] [7], which evolved to a multi-engine GUI via Chess Genius 6 (6.5) to the Millennium Chess System [8], and the Chess Genius Classic GUI [9].

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